You are invited.

To enter into the life you were born to live.  As you can already feel, youwere born for reason and your soul craves to live a life of meaning and purpose.  This teacher training is a life changing opportunity to
remember what is true always.   And that truth is found in your soul.  No one can tell you what it is, it is for you to discover.   All I can tell you is that I have been through the terrain and these are the things you will need
to bring along the way.  All you need is a sincere prayer in your heart and the tools that will bring you home.  The Soul Activist Yoga Teacher Training is a life changing opportunity to begin to build momentum around
the very thing that gives you power, your soul.  You will learn, through awareness and action, how to tap into the soul’s true and infinite power.  As you walk through all things in your life you will feel that power.

To know yourself in this way is the ultimate point of freedom for you.  And it becomes the moment that you have the power to create the life you were born to have.  You hold the key to transformation.  My hope is to
open myself up to you and share with you the practices, the lessons, and tools that I have learned so that you can see and know you have an unlimited power within you.  My prayer is to open my heart to you.

This is a training that will ultimately lead you home to you.  It is a process and a practice that will allow you to connect to the deepest truth and knowing inside you.  It will spark your divine light and you will  live in its
guidance.  What do you truly want?  What is it your heart keeps calling you?  What would it look like to live a life of meaning and purpose?  This training will benefit you whether you are planning on being a yoga
teacher or not.  To teach is to demonstrate and this training will allow you to reach the depths within you so that you can begin to live in the most authentic and honest way.  Your commitment to living from your soul is
your greatest teaching.  My prayer is that from this training you will be able to do anything in your life with a deep knowing of who you are and what you need.  May you stand powerfully in your purpose like you were
born to do.  Be proud of who you are.  

I invite you to take this journey with me no matter where you are.

What you will learn, although it is not limited to the following:
• How to teach from your soul and lead a powerful vinyasa yoga class
• How to teach vinyasa yoga, slow burn yoga, and yin
• Sequencing and theming
• Breathwork
• Meditation
• Assisting
• Basic Anatomy and Physiology
• Philosophy
• The psychology of yoga
• speaking with confidence
• Self Devotion
• Communication and Relationships
• Leadership
Murray Hill Galleries - Little Italy
2026 Murray Hill Road, Room 210
Cleveland, Ohio 44106
NEW PHONE: 216.264.YOGA(9642)

Yoga Teacher Training
with Marni Task - Fall 2017
Teacher Training weekend dates.  

September 15-17th                                                
October 13-15th                              
November 10-12th                                                
December 8-10th                                               
January 19-21st
February 9-11th
March 9-11th
April 6-8th
May 4-6th
This comprehensive, life-changing course begins this coming September, 2017 at The Yoga Room and meets
Fridays (6-10pm), Saturdays & Sundays (10-6pm).  This course meets approximately one weekend per month.

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